Vaping & The Art Of Electronic Cigarettes

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A general overview about electronic cigarettes and about V2:

Smoking is a habit which is practiced by millions of people worldwide and is the cause of death for thousands of people through various dreadful diseases like cancer of the lungs and pancreas, various types of heart attacks and other diseases. The tobacco present causes the bad effects of smoking as it creates tar when burnt. These days various types of anti-addiction sprays and tablets are available in the market and such a type (obviously not a medication) of device is the electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes because though it delivers the same level of nicotine but it causes much less harm. The nicotine is diluted in a jelly like substance known scientifically as propylene glycol.

All electronic cigarettes contain four distinguishable parts which are listed below-

• A LED light which acts as the fire in the mouth of the cigarette

• The second chamber contains the battery and the main circuitry

• The heating compartment which is present above the battery chamber

• The changeable cartridge or mouthpiece which contains the nicotine and the flavor

V2 being a reputed e-cigs company has many strengths of nicotine and many flavors like- vanilla, mint, strawberry etc and the strengths of nicotine vary from full (18 mg), medium (12 mg), light (6 mg) to zero nicotine (0 mg).

Information about the shipping options provided by V2

V2 cigs is an international company (parent company is called VMR Products) that sells e-cigarettes to many countries, mainly by means of shipping. Almost every other multinational brand selling e-cigs transport their products by shipping. Though the option of V2 cigs free shipping is not there as V2 generally takes money for shipping purposes and as it takes money there is no way anyone can complain about the swiftness and speed of the delivery and that too in perfect order. As it is paid shipping therefore various types of payment options are there like Master card, Visa or other options.

Shipping outside the United States of America will demand more money as the distance increases. V2 cigs free shipping is therefore a dream for customers because V2 cigs is a company that will always take money for delivery. There is a 30 day return policy also which ensures customers not to think twice before buying their e-cigs starter kits from V2 e-cigs. Generally a couple of days go by before anyone can get their starter kits because delivery time includes processing time plus the number of days required for the product to ship.


It can be concluded thus that the option of V2 cigs coupon for free shipping is a dream for the customers that is not going to be fulfilled soon. During the time of placing one’s order for delivery one must make sure that he/she gives the right address for the product to be delivered. This ensures that one gets the product fast and quickly and V2 is known for delivering products within time. V2 e-cigs goods are delivered over 100 nations and if any nation does not allow importation of electronic cigarettes then it may result in delays.

v2 cigs coupons and v2 sales savings events

v2 cigs coupons and v2 sales savings events

V2 E-cigs Coupons Combine With V2 SALES Events Like This Previous One!

There were many people that were able to partake in the enormous V2 Cigs sale event, although it has finally come to a close. For the ones who were not able to participate in the sale this time, don’t worry, because there is still time to cash in on a huge deal. Check out V2 Cigs Coupons for extra savings on this website of up to 15% off the final cost of V2 Cigs merchandise. Not only that, but the website is also offering a huge contest, with a V2 Cigs Gift Card up for grabs. This contest ends at 12p.m. this coming Friday, so be sure to act fast. The contests have just begun, so hurry up and enter because there hasn’t been a large amount of entries – yet. Visit to enter.

For those that enter the V2 Cigs giveaway, the first place winner will be awarded a gift card of $500. The second price will be awarded to three people with a gift card of $150. There will also be 10 different third prize winners, who will be awarded a $50 gift card. Prizes this great simply cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet. So just because the savings event is over doesn’t mean actual savings is as well. Be sure to enter the V2 Cigs giveaway by V2 Cigs Coupon!

The best part is the giveaway isn’t the only savings V2 cigs Coupon is offering. They are still offering coupon codes, some up to 15% off of merchandise! They are simple to use, just follow the directions and save on V2 Cigs products, such as starter kits. Just type in the coupon code “EVAPE15” when entering payment information in the shopping cart for you to save 15%. In order to save 10% on anything else on the website, input the coupon code EVAPE10 while entering information in the shopping cart.

Mrs. Tyler Bullock, previous head of the V2 Cigs Coupon site (until he was fired for naughty conduct) said in an older statement, “You can get everything you need at the V2 Cigs Coupon site. Upon visiting our site you can enter yourself in our V2 Cigs Gift Card contest, and also save a lot of money on other products at the same time. Make this month the time to start using V2 Cigs. You will save a lot of cash on V2 products for Holiday gifts for the people in your life, and you can win gift cards for them as well!”.

It doesn’t get any easier to make a choice as simple as saving money and potentially winning cash toward the most popular electronic cigarette. People actually compare V2 cigs to how the Mac computer stands out from the rest in the computer industry. Millions have tried this product, and know that these e-cigarettes provide more vapors and last longer than any other type of e-cigarette. This is just another reason why this contest and these savings codes are so great.

Keep in mind that by using the code EVAPE15 will save you 15% off starter kids and EVAP10 will save you 10% of everything else. Be sure to enter the contest right now before it comes to a close. You simply do not want to miss on the opportunity. Visit to enter!

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